Highdown Vineyard ‘Millars Reserve’


A vibrant Rosé wine made from Dornfelder, Rondo, and Pinot Noir. An elegant traditionally made Rosé with plenty of flavour. Aromas and flavours of raspberry and strawberry.
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Marcel Tissot Christmas Puddings – the story.

Paul and Aly are excited to launch their Christmas Puddings with their hampers. Aly’s grandfather, Marcel Tissot, was Head Chef at The Hyde Park Hotel between the 1920s and the 1970s.

He had trained under the celebrated French chef Escoffier and came from a long line of chefs. In an age before celebrity chefs, he was considered one of the finest chefs in London and had a large following of famous clients including Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor.

Every year he made several tons of pudding mixture for The Hyde Park Hotel but kept his recipe a secret. When he finally retired after fifty years of service, he would still return each year and supervise the annual making of Christmas puddings. Before his death, he handed down his recipe to Aly, and they have used this prized recipe for the Christmas Pudding